About Us

Zamat had been in outdoors line until the year 2017 when we tapped into home line and realized the significance of sticking to it.

We are kept being persuaded to working as hard as we can: devote ourselves to can't-say-no works and join the fitness freaks to exhaust the energy luckily left after work.

Keep going is being the life slogan but we spend too much time on the go without taking an all-off break. In 2018, our designers witnessed Zamat first travel pillow gained great popularity due to the social widely high-pace lifestyle. Our clients are happy with this little, minimalist, easy-pack, accessories-on travel pillow which helps people slow down in the rush of our days.

Thus, we feel obliged to do more. When the majority want you to keep going, someone has to do the contrary for life balance. So be with us. No matter how far you go, take Zamat and always feel home.


Company Name: True Blue 1881, Inc
Address: 2099 Chamble Tucker Road,Building 1, ALPHARETTA,GA,30341,USA
Contact: +1 9145560325

email: support@zamat.net